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Mini Geode Slice Pendant No. 126

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Mini Geode Slice Pendant No. 126

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Mini Geode Slice Pendant No. 126
Gold plated
Approx sizes are from 3.5 cm X 3 cm (ask for detailed size)

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Chain is for display purpose only. Chain is not included in price.

Small geodes the size of a wall nut, full of glittering beautiful crystals are cut in half and carefully cut with diamond saws into 4.5 to 5 mm slices.
Not all mini geodes are suitable for jewelry as there always some that are either solid,(not hollow) or do not have those shiny quartz crystals inside therefore they are cut in half in the first place.
The next step is to polish these slices.Again care must be taken to accurately polish both sides in 3 stages....
Silicon carbide grits and powders are used. The last polishing round, to get the shine, is done with tin oxide.
At the top a ring and bail is attached with the very strong 330 Epoxy glue.
.Now every slice is hand "painted" on the edge only with a high conductive metal paint.
The next procedure is electro forming,( similar to electro plating.)
 Dangling the slices in a copper bath for several hours, so a thin layer of copper forms around the edge, also covering the ring and bail.
Slices will now go in another electro forming  bath. This time it's nickel, a metal that will attach itself onto the copper, making the edges very shiny.
The last stage is a 14 carat layer of gold over nickel.  Nickel will eagerly absorb the final 14 carat gold layer, also done with the same method, called electro forming.
Some have in the middle an extra bonus crystal attached.
 We now have a fantastic piece of jewelry at a very reasonable price.
"Wow" what a procedure!